Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boyfriend Blazer

The boyfriend blazer has yet to reach the same levels of popularity as the two fashion trends which influenced it:boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend shirt. While the boyfriend shirt and denim trends have reached commonality and, thus, aren't considered trends anymore, the boyfriend blazer has found new sophistication and will be with us as a part of 2010 fashion trends.

How to wear a boyfriend blazer

There are two, simple rules for wearing the boyfriend blazer.

1.Make it oversized:

Any boyfriend fashion trend is about wearing clothing that looks a size too big for you, hence, as if you've borrowed it from your boyfriend. It's no different with the boyfriend blazer fashion trend here. The key is to only go up one size; it shouldn't swallow you. Look to have the jacket's shoulders coming no more than an inch and a half away from your own, perfect for accented shoulders.

2.Roll up your sleeves

Rolling or pushing up the sleeves on the blazer goes to balance out the look by implying that the sleeves would otherwise be too long for your arms; also exposing the wrists to make the look more feminine.


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